This concept is heavily inspired by the lyrics.  Specifically, the idea of an “inner-turmoil”/indecision regarding “place”.  However, I’ve interpreted “place” in this instance in a more loose, metaphorical sense, as oppose to geographical i.e. that “place” pertains to the situation our main character is in, in their life.

Through the perspective of a young woman, the clip details a toxic relationship she was previously in.  We see candid, memorable moments between this couple -- both the highs, and the lows.

Visually, all these memories have a sense of claustrophobia, which is designed to evoke that feeling of being "trapped", in a relationship.  And then intercut with these memories, are expansive "travelling shots", out of the city and into rural picturesque scenery, which act as a kind of “breath of fresh air” to the viewing experience, and subconsciously instils a sense of freedom.

But the travelling shots also act in a literal sense - that she has finally decided she's done with the relationship, packed her bags, jumped into her car, and driven far out of the city.  And to further sell this idea of her departure, and venture into singledom, there'll also be shots of her crashing at a couple of motels, in amongst her travels.

To give you a feel for the whole piece, the visual aesthetic, the editing rhythm, and how the juxtaposition of claustrophobic memories sits against expansive shots, here is a one minute moodreel I've put together (note: for the privacy of the track, this video is not visible elsewhere).



In terms of where the clip progresses from there - well it's all about back-and-forthing between good times and bad, but gradually creating bias by giving more weight to the tougher times, and building up to a crescendo where they have a major argument, and in a huff she ends up packing her things, and leaving.

And spliced throughout this, more structure is imparted via slowly revealing the literal significance of the travelling shots and the story element of her motel-hopping, and travelling afar.

In the very end, we find the main character sitting on the bonnet of her car, in the middle of nowhere.  She lights up a cigarette, and takes a moment to revel in the calm of being solo.  She is content.

Ultimately, the piece is about the uncertainty and difficulty of making life-altering decisions.  And how sometimes, the clarity in which to make those decisions can be difficult to find when the place you're in is toxic, and clouding your judgement.




Emotive, candid, intimate, intuitive, symbolic, rhythmic.




  • Styling and casting of the two characters will obviously be crucial.  And attention will be given to making sure the aesthetic of those two elements marries with the aesthetic of the music/band.  Obviously the moodreel footage was taken from other genres of music, so the styling doesn't gel so well, and is not indicative of the direction I want to take.  Some mood-images as styling-inspiration for what I'm thinking -- here.
  • Given the sprawling nature of the concept, and the many shoot days required, it'd be a 7k budget.
  • And with the time needed, earliest delivery would be early July.


That's it for now!

Thanks for your time,