How Quickly Can You Learn?

Being a part of society, innately we must compete.  In order to “get ahead”, we have to get ahead of others (our competitors).  For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, all other graphic designers are your direct competition, and you’ll need to stay ahead of them as much as possible - in terms of technical, artistic and business prowess.  And so historically we’ve focused on our decision-making skills as being the key controllablevariable in determining success i.e. decision making of: career decisions, what things to learn, and where to draw inspiration from.  

However, emerging out of the 21st century is the rising importance of SPEED i.e. how QUICKLY you can learn.  Cultural changes regarding how much we are expected to work have added to the pressure of speed, but moreso technological changes (e.g. the internet) and the abundance of, and democratisation of, information, has increased the pressure of the speed of decisions and learning i.e. technology has helped lessen the gaps between competitors, and therefore increased the relevance of speed as a competitive advantage.

So, no longer is good enough to simply be an impeccable decision-maker and learner, you’ve got to be a FAST one.  

BUT, this is not something to be afraid of, only something to be aware of.  And it’s knowledge we should simply use to help motivate us to push ourselves to new heights.